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We provide legal services to the hemp, cannabinoid, medical-marijuana and adult-use marijuana markets in the Upper Midwest.

Why You Should Choose Us

We offer a holistic range of legal services for the hemp, cannabinoid, medical-marijuana and adult-use marijuana markets in the Upper Midwest. 


We assist our clients in complying with an ever-changing universe of regulations. In the event of a dispute, we have experience successfully challenging regulatory decisions.


Our attorneys have extensive experience lobbying, drafting legislation and crafting policy. Based upon our knowledge of the complex laws and regulations impacting hemp, cannabinoid, medical marijuana and adult-use marijuana, we will guide you through the challenges posed at the state and local level.


We can assist you with preparation of your licensing application. Then, if trouble arrives, we can litigate to protect your rights.


We can help form your new business and get it up and running. We assist with contract drafting and review. We also provide guidance with corporate transactions, asset purchases and sales, and real estate transactions.

Latest news & insights

CBD, Some THC To Be Allowed In Food, Drinks Sold In Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A change to Minnesota law means you soon legally can buy food and drinks with CBD and some THC in it. The legislature cleared up some of the confusion surrounding what’s allowed in food and beverages. The bill also tightened restrictions on how much hemp-derived THC is legal.

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State v. Loveless, Minnesota Cannabis Law

In the matter of State v. Loveless, Minnesota Cannabis Law was proud to contribute to an amicus brief urging the Minnesota Supreme Court to reverse the appellate court’s decision, which ignores Minnesota’s hemp statute and is crushing our industrial hemp, CBD and cannabinoid businesses and customers.  –Jason Tarasek

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A recent Minnesota court decision threw a fledgling industry into chaos. Adult-use marijuana remains illegal and likely will remain illegal for the near future in Minnesota. Why? It’s complicated.

A recent appellate decision throws a fledgling industry into chaos Imagine, if you will, a place where you could walk into a retail storefront and be presented with a wide variety of marijuana products for sale. If you ever travel beyond Minnesota’s borders, you know these places exist. For example: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut,

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Why Is Delta-8 So Popular?

Delta-8 has been dubbed “THC-lite” and the hemp product is booming in popularity in states — such as Minnesota and the Dakotas — where recreational marijuana remains illegal. Is there a connection? Yes. Host Jeremy Fugleberg talks with Jason Tarasek of Minnesota Cannabis Law to discuss Delta-8: what it is, what it does, its legality,

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“High” Taxes

A large battle associated with the legalization of marijuana, in any market, is determining an appropriate tax rate. Appropriate taxation requires a delicate balance. The tax must be great enough to viably contribute to the many initiatives’ legislatures often set forward when legalizing cannabis. On the other hand, the tax must be low enough to

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How does marijuana use affect child custody?

As a growing number of states legalize marijuana, marijuana use – even medical use – by a parent may be raised as an issue in child custody disputes. While a marijuana user may argue that their use does not impact their ability to properly parent their child, especially no more than one who consumes alcohol,

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