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We provide legal services to the hemp and CBD industry, including farmers, producers, distributors, and manufacturers; brands and ancillary businesses; trade associations; and nonprofits.

Why You Should Choose Us

We offer a holistic range of legal services for the emerging industrial hemp and CBD industries. 


We assist our clients in complying with an ever-changing universe of regulations. In the event of a dispute, we have experience successfully challenging regulatory decisions.


Our attorneys have extensive experience lobbying, drafting legislation and crafting policy. Based upon our knowledge of the complex laws and regulations impacting industrial hemp and CBD, we will guide you through the challenges posed at the state and local level.


We can assist you with preparation of your licensing application. Then, if trouble arrives, we can litigate to protect your rights.


We can help form your new business and get it up and running. We assist with contract drafting and review. We also provide guidance with corporate transactions, asset purchases and sales, and real estate transactions.

Latest news & insights

Episode Four: Mat Wilner with Native Girl Farms.

Jason Tarasek of Minnesota Cannabis Law sits down for a Minnesota Cannabis Conversation with Mathew Willner of Native Girl Farms during MJBizCon 2019. Native Girl Farms is located in St. James, Minnesota and is a maker of CBD products. The conversation focuses on the company, its products and the future for CBD and the surrounding industry in Southern Minnesota. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/minnesota-cannabis-conversations/id1493817416 https://www.businessofcannabis.ca/post/minnesota-cannabis-conversations-with-mathew-willner-of-native-girl-farms-in-st-james-minnesota

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Episode Two: Ben Levitz of Studio On Fire.

Jason Tarasek of Minnesota Cannabis Law sits down for a Minnesota Cannabis Conversation with Ben Levitz of Studio On Fire during MJBizCon 2019. Studio On Fire is a design and packaging company based in St. Paul, Minnesota that has done some groundbreaking and beautiful work in the cannabis sector. Ben’s perspective on the sector – and MJBizCon 2019 itself – makes for a compelling

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Legal Fights for the Hemp Industry to Consider

1. It is illegal to count THC-A to calculate 0.3%. Why? Neither the 2018 Farm Bill nor the Minnesota statute define hemp based on THC-A content. Rather, each statute only defines hemp with regard to Delta-9 THC. While regulations may count THC-A as a factor, there is an argument that regulators may not be more

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